[Snort-users] IPS mode for snort

Nomad Esst noname.esst at ...131...
Wed Jun 12 03:44:53 EDT 2013

>>Hi list

>>Sorry for these questions, I'm a new snort user.
>>How can I enable IPS mode for snort? And is it possible to run snort in both IDS and IPS modes? How? 

>>Thanks in advance

>I wouldn't recommend leaping into IPS mode as a new snort user without familiarizing yourself with the environment. It's a sharp sword that would be >easy to cut yourself on. Can you run IPS/IDS at the same time? Sure, but it may not be the optimal way to go. 

Thanks. Could you please tell me how can I have snort act as both IDS and IPS modes? What is the configuration?
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