[Snort-users] Preprocessors still alerting after suppress added in threshold.conf

Agus agus.262 at ...11827...
Mon Jun 10 18:56:43 EDT 2013

Hi guys,

I am testing a new sensor and trying to suppress most noisy alerts.

the suppress seems to be working ok cause when i finished reading the pcap
with snort, I get

| gen-id=1      sig-id=2014726    type=Limit     tracking=src count=1
seconds=60  filtered=4
| gen-id=119    sig-id=19         type=Suppress  tracking=none filtered=337
| gen-id=119    sig-id=31         type=Suppress  tracking=none filtered=54
| gen-id=119    sig-id=32         type=Suppress  tracking=none filtered=69
| gen-id=120    sig-id=3          type=Suppress  tracking=none filtered=114
| gen-id=138    sig-id=5          type=Suppress  tracking=none filtered=417

But then i go to the alert file and i see alerts on that preprocessors

Anything I'm missing?

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