[Snort-users] One interface more than one snort process question

James Lay jlay at ...13475...
Mon Jun 10 13:12:23 EDT 2013

On 2013-06-10 11:06, SnortFan wrote:
> Any takers? Bueller?
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> On May 30, 2013, at 11:45 AM, SnortFan <SnortFan at ...131...> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>>     I have a customer that wants to feed traffic into another tool 
>> from snort but they also want to not have some of the hits from a few 
>> custom rules to not show in base. So I was wondering, can I run a two 
>> snort processes against one interface both with a  different set of 
>> rules or filters?  One process to feed Base and another to capture a 
>> particular group of traffic into another database. Is this possible 
>> and what are the downsides?
>> They don't want to speed $$$ for another server.
>> Thanks,
>> Ed

Yes..you can have two instances of snort running against one NIC...say 
something like snort1.conf and snort2.conf, make sure the output lines 
aren't the same ;)


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