[Snort-users] Doubt about configuration HOME, EXTERNAL.

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Wed Jun 5 09:53:51 EDT 2013

Any link, tip is appreciated.


2013/6/4 Agus <agus.262 at ...11827...>

> Hi guys,
> I have a subnet that connects to a client Network. They asked me to
> implement an IDS. Si i built snort/snorby/PP
> This is an unusual, at least for me, place as i am supposed to monitor the
> traffic going away from my net to the other, instead of what it is more
> common that i monitor incoming traffic to my severs.
> So my doubt is how should i configure the Network variables.
> My net = - HOME_NET
> That is the approach i took. the same as if the servers were on my net;
> but that aint the case as i have the clients/users on my NET, and all
> services(web, proxy, inet) are on their side. I was thinking on swapping
> the values.
> Thanks for any tip you can provide!
> Cheers
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