[Snort-users] Pulledpork not generating merged rules file on Windows

William Dou liam.dou at ...11827...
Mon Jul 22 17:37:07 EDT 2013

Thanks for the reply waldo kitty.

I took a look in the config and it indicates that Windows isn't a valid
distro option

# Define your distro, this is for the precompiled shared object libs!
# Valid Distro Types:
# Debian-5-0, Debian-6-0,
# Ubuntu-8.04, Ubuntu-10-4
# Centos-4-8, Centos-5-4
# FC-12, FC-14, RHEL-5-5, RHEL-6-0
# FreeBSD-7-3, FreeBSD-8-1
# OpenBSD-4-8
# Slackware-13-1

>From the two different guides I've seen about getting pulledpork to work on
Windows, I've not seen any mention about tweaking this option either =/
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