[Snort-users] snort suddenly stopped to record events

Alex linux at ...14373...
Mon Jul 29 08:11:26 EDT 2013

Hi Waldo,

Just I've commented out the following line in snort.conf:
preprocessor sfportscan: proto  { all } memcap { 10000000 } sense_level { 
low }
and restarted snort.

After that, I've used nmap scan (the same like last time, to find open ports 
on target, UDP and TCP)

In logs: appeared: TCP Portscan ... UDP Portscan

Jul 29 14:43:12 ids snort[11851]:     Detect Scan Type:  portscan portsweep 
decoy_portscan distributed_portscan

Jul 29 14:45:48 ids snort[11631]: [122:1:1] portscan: TCP Portscan 
[Classification: Attempted Information Leak] [Priority: 2]: <eth1> 
{PROTO:255} ->
Jul 29 14:45:59 ids snort[11631]: [122:17:1] portscan: UDP Portscan 
[Classification: Attempted Information Leak] [Priority: 2]: <eth1> 
{PROTO:255} ->

Jul 29 14:47:07 ids snort[11631]: [122:19:1] portscan: UDP Portsweep 
[Classification: Attempted Information Leak] [Priority: 2]: <eth1> 
{PROTO:255} ->
[root at ...4157... ~]#

So, now I'm happy, snort is working :-)

Thank you very much Waldo for your help.

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> On 7/26/2013 10:18, Alex wrote:
>> So, what should be commented out in snort.conf or what rules should be
>> activated in order to make snort able to detect and identify such network
>> scan?
> check nmap for what those options generate as packets... then you'll have 
> to
> find or write rules to detect those packets... they may exist already and 
> be
> disabled... i don't know... i had to specifically disable some ICMP rules 
> in my
> locations to turn off alerts from them but i think they were from a 
> different
> supplier... you might also want to use the community rules if you are not
> already... they might have related scan type rules...
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