[Snort-users] Base doesnt show alerts

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Fri Jul 26 13:54:38 EDT 2013

No it is not, will I have to write MySQL triggers, isnt this supposed to be
I might have messed up the table creation process, How do I handle this now?

On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 10:46 AM, Y M <snort at ...15979...> wrote:

>  Is the acid_event table also populated? BASE view of the the alerts is
> fetched from the acid_event table.
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> Subject: [Snort-users] Base doesnt show alerts
>  Couldn't get an answer out of the base users forum, forwarding the
> question here :
>    I have been working on setting up Snort,Barnyard2 and Base.
>  1.Snort is currently logging in the unified2 format.
> 2.Barnyard2 is reading the logs and successfully inserting stuff into
> MySQL.
>  (I confirmed this using the standard "select count(*) from events;"
> Please let me know if my         assumption is wrong)
>  3.Base can insert into the database (can create a user through the Base
> gui), also when I hit the update alert cache button, I see the total events
> being updated.
>  I still do not see any alerts on the main page. TCP,UDP and ICMP traffic
> still say 0,0,0 resp.
>  Can anyone help fixing this please.
>  Thanks,
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