[Snort-users] Shared Object Rules not properly recognized by Snort

Quentin-Edouard Lutun quentinedouard.lutun at ...11827...
Fri Jul 26 08:10:07 EDT 2013

Hi, I am running on Snort V2.9.4.5 (64bit) and i tries to implement Shared
Object Rules. I don't know why but after several attempts, Snort is unable
to raise any intrusion events... All SO rules are loaded properly and set
enabled on the configuration file and the same rules in simple/basic format
are recognized correctly and reported by Snort. I also test to create a
simple one via the VRT SO RULES generator provided by the website and i
have got the same problem.... this latter is raised in basic format but not
like a compiled rule...

Any helps or advices would be grateful, Thanks a lot. Quentin.
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