[Snort-users] To escape or not to escape the colon

Julian Wiegmann julian.wiegmann at ...15603...
Fri Jul 26 07:02:13 EDT 2013

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As per manual:


; \ "   aka the semi-colon has to be escaped when content matching.   (by what? The manual should say that it is a backslash)

For example:

content: "string\; string2";

However, I have seen some rules where the colon is also escaped:

content: "string\: string2";

but in the same rule I seen a colon that is not escaped also:

content:"Accept: */*|0d0a0d0a|";

Should we or should we not escape a colon?

Or should I just bite the bullet and use hex?

content:"Accept|3A| */*|0d0a0d0a|";

Kind regards,
  Julian Wiegmann

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