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> On 7/23/2013 12:02, Y M wrote:
> > What happens also to rules release, community contributions, Barnyard, PulledPork?
> unless i'm mistaken, barnyard and pulledpork are independent projects and will 
> not be effected by this...
Yes, that's my understanding too, but that's also what makes me wonder. I believe/hope as long as the open-source Snort project is maintained then they will be maintained too. The question is how this will affect Snort deployments as well as the current commercial offerings and their inner workings. Cisco's gear is no cheap, specially their current IPS offerings and how this will affect management/purchasing decisions.  
A sample scenario would be a company that maintained an open-source deployment of Snort for a couple of years and was in the process of purchasing Sourcefire's commercial appliances. How would this affect the decision technically and financial given the steep cost of Cisco's gear.
On the bright side, I can see the benefits of integrating Snort into, say Cisco's ASAs. In that case you will be working with something familiar and will have confidence, if management decides to go with Cisco IPS after the integration is done. Still, there will be a learning curve though.
Another thing is the Snort (SnortCP) and Sourcefire certifications and certification holders. Are these certifications deprecated already?
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