[Snort-users] Snort switches to packet Dump Mode

Mayur Patil ram.nath241089 at ...11827...
Mon Jul 15 14:53:00 EDT 2013

Hi Waldo,

       When I check for /etc/init.d/snort file following output I got

       [root at ...16428... init.d]# snort status
       Running in packet dump mode

                    --== Initializing Snort ==--
        Initializing Output Plugins!
        *Snort BPF option: status*
 ###This option I seen new
        pcap DAQ configured to passive.
        Acquiring network traffic from "eth0".
        *ERROR: Can't set DAQ BPF filter to 'status' (pcap_daq_set_filter:
pcap_compile: syntax error)!*
        ### of which thing this error I can't get
        Fatal Error, Quitting..

        Any idea where bug is lurking ??

        Thanks !!
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