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Almost – I have 4 rules files



company.rules – private rules used on all sensors

local.rules – rules just for this sensor


This lets me manage which rules are in use without having to regenerate one big file.


So I don’t need the consolidated snort.rules, but I could throw that away I guess…. I will try it.


I made a pulledpork.conf file:









(it seems to need rule_url even though I am not downloading anything)


Then ran: 

pulledpork.pl -n -c ./pulledpork.conf


And got: file /tmp//snortrules-snapshot-2946.tar.gz does not exist!


So it is still looking for the Snapshot file….. 


I don’t see an option which allows me to specify a directory to read .rules files from…. What am I missing????







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If you use -n with your PulledPork, it will not download the ruleset from Snort website, instead it will process a local ruleset (default directory is /tmp). This will generate generate the sid-msg.map as well as the snort.rules file, given the configurations setup in your pulledpork.conf file. Is this what you are after?

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Is there a combination of options to Pulled Pork (running 0.6.1 right now)
to only generate the sid-msg.map file?
Ie I give it a list of rules files, or a directory holding rules files and
all it does is generate the sid-msg.map file?

My sid-msg.map file is different on each sensor I have, because each sensor
may have local rules only on that sensor. So while I use PP to do everything
else, I generate the sid-msg.map file on the sensor itself once I push the
new rules to it.

I have been using the old create_sidmap.pl file from oinkmaster (but it
looks like it will be difficult to modify to support sid-msg.map v2.

So I would like to use PP to do this, and upgrade to the newer version that
supports v2 of the sid-msg.map file.


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