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Sorry if I didn't make it clear. You still need to have the rules tarball stored at your /tmp directory since pulledpork will extract and massage the rules into the snort.rules file.

PulledPork processes the individual rules files from the rules snapshot and will take into account the local rules file as configured in pulledpork.conf file and populate the sid-msg.map file. If you have the emerging threats tarball in /tmp directory, and enable the ET URL in pulledpork.conf file, PulledPork will also process these and populate the sid-msg.map. By this, now you have the VRT, ET, and local rules all being populated in sid-msg.map file, but all rules are in the snort.rules file (you still can keep individual rules files separate if you want using the -k option).

As for company.rules, I have no knowledge of PulledPork being able to include custom/dynamic rules file other than the ones specified above.

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Almost – I have 4 rules files



company.rules – private rules used on all sensors

local.rules – rules just for this sensor

This lets me manage which rules are in use without having to regenerate one big file.

So I don’t need the consolidated snort.rules, but I could throw that away I guess…. I will try it.

I made a pulledpork.conf file:








(it seems to need rule_url even though I am not downloading anything)

Then ran:

pulledpork.pl -n -c ./pulledpork.conf

And got: file /tmp//snortrules-snapshot-2946.tar.gz does not exist!

So it is still looking for the Snapshot file…..

I don’t see an option which allows me to specify a directory to read .rules files from…. What am I missing????



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If you use -n with your PulledPork, it will not download the ruleset from Snort website, instead it will process a local ruleset (default directory is /tmp). This will generate generate the sid-msg.map as well as the snort.rules file, given the configurations setup in your pulledpork.conf file. Is this what you are after?

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Subject: [Snort-users] Pulled Pork Question

Is there a combination of options to Pulled Pork (running 0.6.1 right now)
to only generate the sid-msg.map file?
Ie I give it a list of rules files, or a directory holding rules files and
all it does is generate the sid-msg.map file?

My sid-msg.map file is different on each sensor I have, because each sensor
may have local rules only on that sensor. So while I use PP to do everything
else, I generate the sid-msg.map file on the sensor itself once I push the
new rules to it.

I have been using the old create_sidmap.pl file from oinkmaster (but it
looks like it will be difficult to modify to support sid-msg.map v2.

So I would like to use PP to do this, and upgrade to the newer version that
supports v2 of the sid-msg.map file.


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