[Snort-users] Dynamic Preprocessor- packets from established flows

Todd Wease twease at ...1935...
Wed Jan 30 09:33:35 EST 2013

Hi Alex,

On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 3:01 PM, Alex Adamos <alexthakidadam at ...125...> wrote:
> Hi,
> i managed to get my own preprocessor running (using DPX starter kit). I
> would like to know when a packet gets called by my preprocessor, whether
> it's from an established flow or not. Can anyone help me how to do this?

Your preprocessor will be called in src/detect.c:Preprocess().  It
will get called for any TCP/UDP packet with application data, raw off
the wire, IP frag reassembled (via frag3) or TCP reassembled (via

> Also, i have a counter to the packets being processed by my DPX, and i see a
> significant difference with the other preprocessors. It's like my DPX
> doesn't get called for every packet.
> I add my preprocessor like this :
> _dpd.addPreproc(DPX_Process,

This looks correct, however you've given it PRIORITY_LAST which means
most of the other preprocessors are going to run before yours and
there are some that will disable other preprocessors if they decided
to do inspection which may be why your preprocessor isn't being called
as often as you would think.  For example if http_inspect evaluates a
packet, it's likely HTTP, and the other application layer
preprocessors don't need to look at it.  If you want your preprocessor
to run regardless, you could give it a higher priority, specifically
higher than PRIORITY_APPLICATION, or look for DisableDetect(),
disableDetect(), DisableAllDetect() and disableAllDetect() in the code
- you'll likely see that when these are called, some other
preprocessors are re-enabled and you could add a similar line for your

> thanks,
> Alex.

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