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Thanks, Livio...  So, we use PF-RING with the DNA/Libzero drivers.  But Snort uses the pcap DAQ to access the Libzero interfaces, not the pf_ring DAQ.

Does that make any difference?



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According to our empirical measurements using PF-RING (if that's what you are using), DON'T use CPU affinity; DON'T bind CPUs. Let the Linux scheduler do what it wishes..
The definite proof is to compare identical runs using different setups on your hardware, with your rules, with your traffic..
However, i would bet that what I recommended above will win..

On 1/25/2013 1:59 PM, Craig Merchant wrote:
We have a Snort sensor that runs 28 instances.  Their CPU utilization tends average between 25% and 95%+.  I've read opinions both ways for setting CPU affinity.  What are the benefits/drawbacks of setting CPU affinity?




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