[Snort-users] Snort Configuration Problem

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Mon Jan 21 01:55:31 EST 2013

Dear Sir
I have configured snort 2.9.4 with barnyard2-v2-1.11 and aanval v7 on
platform 12.04 by referring to guide
on a single interface eth0.Everything has gone fine during installation but
when i start snort with command 'service snortd restart' it gives
"Stopping snort:no process found
starting snort: spawning daemon child
my daemon child 2321 lives...
daemon parent exiting (0)."

Now when i trying to get the pid of snort job with command 'ps -A|grep
it shows nothing.

And if i run snort in terminal using command 'snort' it start monitoring
traffiic and sends log to the file /var/snort/log/snort.log.timestamp but
aanval never shows the events or alerts. I think either barnyard is not
logging into database or something configuration problem. Please help as
soon as possible.


Warm Regards
Sumit Kumar
Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
Mo:- 8968227299
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