[Snort-users] Recent changes to SNORT rulesets regarding PCRE syntax.

Robert Cotter Robert.Cotter at ...16102...
Mon Feb 18 15:54:23 EST 2013

I noticed that on/about 14th February that some rules were changed to now use some newer PCRE commands/syntax that can crash SNORT depending on your version of PCRE libraries installed.

The problem only appears to occur if you have enabled any of the following rules.

./rules/server-mail.rules: sid:16193
./rules/browser-ie.rules: sid:25773
./rules/os-windows.rules: sid:13270
./rules/os-windows.rules: sid:18171
./rules/os-windows.rules: sid:13269
./rules/os-windows.rules: sid:13271
./rules/os-windows.rules: sid:15684
./rules/os-windows.rules: sid:13272
./rules/os-windows.rules: sid:18172

This is the error message .

ERROR: /var/appliedwatch/agent/data/agent.1/var/snort/policy/etc/../rules/browser-ie.rules(47) : pcre compile of "var\s*?(?<m1>\w+)s*?=s*?document.createElement\s*?\([\x22\x27][\w]s*?[\x3a\x3b]\s*?shape[\x22\x27]\).*?(?P=m1)s*?.\s*?setAttribute\s*?\(\s*?[\x22\x27]\s*?path\s*?[\x22\x27]\s*?,\s*?[\x22\x27][^\x29]{506}.*?(?P=m1)\.s*?path" failed at offset 10 : unrecognized character after (?<
Fatal Error, Quitting..

It appears that the old method of having a '(?P<' instead of the newer '(?<' syntax has trigger the issue.

Anyone else seen this ?

There is no version dependency on the snort.org website


except a link to pcre.org which only has  a link to the latest version, being 8.32.

Anyone else been impacted by this?????

What's the minimum version of PCRE is required to support this syntax ? Best I can find is that support for this was in 5.005 which is a lot older than the version of PCRE I am currently running.


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