[Snort-users] Problem with Barnyard sending stuff to Mysql

Bouchra Badri bouchra.badri at ...11827...
Mon Feb 18 16:07:12 EST 2013

I hope you can help a first time user !

I have a problem, even though I have followed tutorials in both here :
http://nachum234.no-ip.org/category/security/snort/  and here :

I haven't been able to see any changes in the event database.

Sure the snort logs show as I type " snort" to launch it. Barnyard says it
works ( even though I have some warnings about not executing some Sql
commands (max cid where sid='2')) My sensors are localhost, localhost:eth0

and select count(*) from event; show ... Zero.

Yes the output in snort.conf is unified2
Yes the input in Barny is unified2 and the output is database mysql...

What did I miss please? I'm going crazy over this... 10 days I've been
trying to look for an answer online

Please help
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