[Snort-users] Snort 2.9.3 Error when starting Barnyard2

david molina antoniomoli91 at ...11827...
Thu Feb 14 03:02:56 EST 2013


I try to insert the Snort log to a data base and I am getting the following
error when Barnyard2 try to put the log file on PostgreSQL :

WARNING database [Database()]: Called with Event[0x0] Event Type [0]
(P)acket [0x200668f8], information has not been outputed.

When i start barnyard2 i have this message:

I start it with this command : barnyard2.exe -c
c:\barnyard2\etc\barnyard2.conf -d c:\snort\log -f snort.log -w
c:\snort\log\barnyard.waldo -l c:\barnyard2

When i start Snort and after Barnyard i have this, its really weird, i
think he could not read the file Waldo but i don't know why:

When i provoque an error with an Snort rule i have this Warning and the
database is empty
[image: Images intégrées 1]

Please Help ASAP.

David M.
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