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Sat Feb 9 14:42:04 EST 2013


   I checked my PC and....

   Oops !!

   I have not Ethernet cards installed.

   So I decided to run on single card i.e. eth0.

   I am using VMware workstation for snort installation on Ubuntu 10.04.

   So,Continued on eth0 vmware network adapter, I used configuration as

*   auto eth0
   iface eth0 inet static
   And give command

  * sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart*

   So it works fine.

   Now testing snort phase

  I have given command only for eth0

*  ifconfig eth0 up

  /usr/local/snort/bin/snort -D -u snort -g snort

 /usr/local/bin/barnyard2 -c /usr/local/snort/etc/barnyard2.conf \
           -G /usr/local/snort/etc/gen-msg.map \
           -S /usr/local/snort/etc/sid-msg.map \
           -d /var/log/snort \
           -f snort.u2 \
           -w /var/log/snort/barnyard2.waldo \
  Upto this step, it seems everything works fine.

  Then I put this command

*  sudo /etc/init.d/rc.local start*

  It gives error

*  Spawning daemon Child...

  My daemon child 4079 lives....

  Daemon parent exiting (-1)
  So, by googling snort forum,  I disable only

  /usr/local/snort/bin/snort*  #-D -u snort -g snort

  *and again execute command

*  sudo /etc/init.d/rc.local start*

  and Snort starts !! i.e. commencing packet transfer.....

  but when I open URL in browser

  browser shows connection timed out.

  Just one step from seeing result.

  Please help !!

On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 6:41 PM, Mayur Patil <ram.nath241089 at ...11827...>wrote:

> Hello,
>    I am newbie to snort using snort 2.9.4 on ubuntu 10.04 server.
>    I am following installation guide for snort on ubuntu
>    It works fine but at testing stage,
>    After entering command,
>       sudo /usr/local/snort/bin/snort -u snort -g snort \
>         -c /usr/local/snort/etc/snort.conf -i eth1
>    it gives error
>    ERROR: Can't start DAQ (-1) - SIOCGIFHWADDR: No such device!
>    Fatal Error, Quiting..
>    This error is discussed several previous issues and I also gone for it.
>    But didn't get actual idea of what to do ?? Stucked at the testing of
> snort.
>    Need help,
>    Thanks !!
> *--
> Cheers,
> Mayur. *
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