[Snort-users] Updates

Josh Bitto jbitto at ...16055...
Thu Feb 7 12:07:46 EST 2013

Ok guys one last question....hopefully... :P

Does anyone know about updates on snort if it's installed on a pfsense firewall? The gui on the firewall has all of the settings for snort to choose everything and on global settings it has the option to update every 12 hours (or the other time difference options available)

I can't really tell if it is downloading the updates or not....The only thing I can go buy is the time stamps on the rule sets. They "seem" to have the same time stamps as what shows on snort's website for the .tar.gz files.

So I guess my question is what should be the current time/date stamps on the rule sets for the latest download available to non-subscription users.
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