[Snort-users] Can snort dump full pcap of alert?

Lay, James james.lay at ...15009...
Fri Dec 20 10:53:01 EST 2013

Quick and dirty with Wireshark (non-gui) installed:


/usr/local/bin/dumpcap -q -b filesize:409600 -b files:150 -Z none -f "ip
and port 80" -i eth2 -w /capture/webtraffic.pcap


400 meg files that will save up to 150 them before removing old ones,
file names include timestamp: webtraffic_00595_20131220083146.pcap




From: Kevin Ross [mailto:kevross33 at ...14012...] 
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2013 8:11 AM
To: Onno van der Leun
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Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Can snort dump full pcap of alert?


You are better using a tool like these to do full packet capture:



Each of these are good choices although right now I use openfpc
(although it is broken for me at the moment :( ) but I want to use
moloch but the requirements for that because of the indexing of traffic
is higher than I can provide it seems.




On 19 December 2013 16:35, Onno van der Leun <onno at ...16627...> wrote:


Just wondering. I've setup snort and it triggered an alert. The alert
is: OS-WINDOWS Microsoft Windows Shell Handler remote code ...

In snorby it's showing a dump of the payload. But that is only of that
specific packet? Dump is like:
0000000: 54 f1 c7 e1 57 2a e3 b3 36 c0 ea aa 17   82 aa 2d f0 0e 51 f3
fb 4a 50 e1 a5 45  T...W*..6......-..Q..JP..E
000001A: c4 7d e9 3f 93 b5 32 cd cd f1 95 41 0d   38 1d 02 d1 6e 01 51
0d d2 8b 7e fa 85  .}.?..2....A.8...n.Q...~..
0000034: 4a d5 48 71 0e a8 d0 50 45 37 cd 21 ae   53 d1 15 91 9b a4 c4
21 e9 e6 54 6c 25  J.Hq...PE7.!.S......!..Tl%
000004E: 45 95 14 03 c1 ad 5c 38 44 c8 4f 64 22   53 25 56 95 19 a0 5d
42 b3 e0 d5 57 b1  E.....\8D.Od"S%V...]B...W.
0000068: 02 00 2a 0e 61 75 90 49 c0 42 a9 ed 81   6c e3 d0 e1 d7 86 69
fc eb 7f a1 80 2f  ..*.au.I.B...l.....i...../

Not really readable. ;o) So I was wondering if snort is able to generate
a 'session pcap' when a rule is hit.

I'm running snort with barnyard2 (unified2). Options used are: -d and -D
(and couple of others for conf, user and -l <dir>)

Do I need to add option -b ? (or a complete other program? ;o) )


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