[Snort-users] Snort 0,01 seconds too late?

Gregor Mahnic gregormahnic at ...131...
Sun Dec 1 04:12:59 EST 2013


I hope no one gets upset with me for this question but is it possible for snort to fail to stop an attack? I hear this a lot when I google for some thing about snort. I mean not that I have any doubts my self about snort but I just wondered how would a snort user comment on some one who sarcastically states that snort would be 0,001 seconds too late to stop an attack. I am wondering because in part I want to become an avid snort user. I need to do a lot more research and reading about every thing connected with snort such as oink, barnyard,...

Are these sort of sentiments expressed by individuals who are too lazy to implement snort? I mean I my self see how long it has taken me to understand the basics and as I have said I need to do a whole lot more reading!

Best regards!
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