[Snort-users] Network Variables

Seth Dunn seth at ...16266...
Tue Apr 30 22:17:52 EDT 2013

My bpf file is ignore.bpf and has one line in it::
not net ||

I have also tried variations of that rule using ! instead of  not...
Using && instead of ||
I have also used the rule across two lines like 
not net &&
not net
But that also did not work.

I have the bpf file defined in my snort.conf file :: config bpf_file:
I also call it with the switch -F d:\snort\etc\ignore.bpf

Still nothing.  Traffic is not ignored/filtered out....snort still
alerts on it.

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On 4/30/2013 19:28, Seth Dunn wrote:
> Right, and I set up the text file, and snort started and read the
> But it didn't filter out the traffic.
> And I have followed the examples I have seen creating the file, but it

> is not working as expected.

please post the contents of the file and the command line you used to
start snort...

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