[Snort-users] Barnyard2 configure/compile problems and startup error: "Snort not compiled to use mysql" message followup - 1st time barnyard user

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Subject: [Snort-users] Barnyard2 configure/compile problems and startup	error: "Snort not compiled to use mysql" message followup -	1st time barnyard user

Hi this is a follow-up after trying some of the steps recommended from the other day to get my first build of Barnyard working with Snort so  we can write Snort output to mysql, as a Snorby sensor.  There is a little progress but sadly Barnyard2 is still not working, here is where we are now: Joel said “Snort's support to directly write to a database is no longer an option since Snort 2.9.2, if I recall correctly.” 
Joel did not say that, I did. Joel simply corrected me with which version.
We definitely agree and had read and expected that, however when we tried to build Barnyard2 the error message Barnyard gave us then said “Snort was not compiled to use mysql” and directed us to some steps to try and do that, so it appears that message needs updated, so we got off-track a little while with that, fyi.  We had started trying the –with-mysql option with barnyard instead, leading to the following:

“Instead, you compile MySQL support with Barnyard2:

./configure --with-mysql --with-mysql-libraries=<path to the mysql libs>
Thats also me; the two lines above. Another user in the list corrected me that you may necesserily need to use --with-my-sql-libraries, if your MySQL libraries are already in the dynamic libraries path.

In Snort, you would use unified2 as an output plugin to write unified2 logs and have Barnyard2 parse these into the database. In the docs section on Snort's website you will find step by step documentation on how to do that on SuSE, 12.x as well as other OSs.”
Again, the above two lines are also me.
QUESTION:  Is “unified” required also to do this?  We had not seen that one listed and have not added, it seemed like all we needed was what was listed under the Snort requirements and Barnyard (knowing we had added mysql with –dev libraries/header files..?  Sorry we are a bit lost with the big picture of this larger process, there have been lots and lots of packages to go back and add.
Which output plugin are you using in your snort.conf file? If you use the unified2 output plugin in snort.conf, snort will generate unified2 logs and store them in log directory you setup, or the default, during installation. Barnyard2 will parse the unified2 logs and store the data into the database Also we followed this one other recommendation sent over:  “Then you will need to make sure you have installed mysql client libraries and headers (this is generaly mysql-dev package on most distro). From there you will need to make sure your mysql libraries are in your libaries dynamic path. ex: ldconfig -v | grep mysql”   Our results here seem mixed, we are not sure it worked.  When first trying it we had a lot of “graphviz” objects that it could not find.  We had graphviz and its dev headers but we went ahead and added all those objects, and it found mysql but there were keyring and some other items ldconfig had trouble with – we are not sure how any of these applied or mattered, not using?  We just wanted to send Snort log data over to mysql so Snorby could read it, lost?  Our team at the college appreciates your help.   I plan on making sure our entire process and all these requirements are documented when all this is done, there has been so many steps.  I am not sure I completely understand whats said above, what is "graphviz"?
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