[Snort-users] Network Variables

Seth Dunn seth at ...16266...
Mon Apr 29 10:22:45 EDT 2013

I am running Snort on Windows 2008 Server R2

I am trying to figure out how I can bypass traffic that is being sent
from certain networks, since it is creating false-positives

Information on my setup.
My watched networks are:: 10.75.x.x/24 and 10.76.x.x/24
Now I also have two other networks, that are not being watched, but are
part of my companies network and setup.
They are:: 10.10.x.x/24 <- Office network
10.30.x.x/24 <- Remote VPN users

Originally I tried putting in a .bpf file, but that did not work.
(anyone know how to make it work?)

So I tried my HOME_NET like this::
That didn't work, snort still sent out alerts for the two networks.
So I put HOME_NET back to ::  [,]
And set EXTERNAL_NET to this::  [any, !,!], that
did not work
So I tried::  [any, [!,]], that did not work


Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?

My networks 10.75.x.x and 10.76.x.x are connected to the networks
10.10.x.x and 10.30.x.x via two Cisco PIX 515E's



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