[Snort-users] Need help - Arpspoof Preprocessor

Mohamed Makthum makthum at ...11827...
Sat Apr 20 22:34:40 EDT 2013

Hello everyone,


                                 I am a graduate student and I am quite

interested in IDS system. I want to do my project on IDS. After

considerable amount of googling and study I learned about snort and its

working mechanism. Currently for arpspoof preprocessor we have to provide

the static IP/Mac address mapping for it to work . I was thinking of

implementation(script) where IP / Mac address table can be retrieved and

updated in snort.conf. 



My questions 



1)      Is there such an implementation or script available today ?



2)      If not is such an implementation even possible to retrieve the ip /

Mac mapping from DHCP server ?



3)      If implemented will it be useful ?



I need help and suggestion from all you guys. I am just a beginner ,but I
like to learn . Thanks for your time and








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