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Mon Apr 22 08:37:00 EDT 2013

Hi All,

recently i have deployed snort in ubuntu 12.04 using Autosnort , during the
installation PP asked for Oinkcode ,as i am a registered user so i have
provided the same.
After completion of the installation, i have seen that snort and barnyard2
services are running in Deamon mode, and in /var/log/snort folder a file
with name snort.u2.1366**** is also created but empty(0 bytes).

-rw-r--r--  1 snort snort    2056 Apr 22 17:54 barnyard2.waldo
*-rw-------  1 snort snort         0 Apr 22 17:54 snort.u2.136662******

there is a single rules file called snort.rules in /usr/local/snort/rules
folder which has all the downloaded snort rules, and same is included in
the snort.conf file.
Even i have run the snort in test mode using -T , it does not shows up any
problem, its working fine but not generating any logs.

I have formated the server , and re-installed every thing manually this
time. still the same problem. file is getting created but no logs.

pls Advice.

Security System Egnineer
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