[Snort-users] config problems

MCLEOD, DONNIE DMCLEO11 at ...16247...
Mon Apr 15 03:28:21 EDT 2013

Hi Can anyone help with config problems?
Iam  trying to setup  IDSCenter with snort on a windows system XP to test a small network,
I want to use the center to detect polymorphic shell code in a test environment that I have set-up using Metasploit for the exploits, from another computer.

  stream5 keeps loading and the IDScenter does not recognizes this?
also Ihave tried to use snort on the cmd line but keep getting this problem with a log file snort cannot find? alert file log/  alert.ids
no such file or directory
  I cannot work out what I'am doing wrong what I'am doing wrong. Iam new to snort

Regards DONNIE

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