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waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...14940...
Wed Apr 17 12:49:46 EDT 2013

On 4/17/2013 01:55, Prathibha P G wrote:
> rpc_decode arguments:
>      Ports to decode RPC on: 111 32770 32771 32772 32773 32774 32775 32776 32777
> 32778 32779
>      alert_fragments: INACTIVE
>      alert_large_fragments: INACTIVE
>      alert_incomplete: INACTIVE
>      alert_multiple_requests: INACTIVE
> *** buffer overflow detected ***: snort terminated

if all snorts load the modules in the same order, then the next one would be 
FTPTelnet Config:...

but we need to see your snort.conf to see what settings you have in there... i 
suspect you have too small a buffer defined somewhere...

is this a prebuilt binary or is it one you built yourself? we can see that it is 
snort v2.9.1 but not what OS... it looks like one of the *nixes based on the 

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