[Snort-users] Error compiling snort with snortsam

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Wed Apr 17 12:26:54 EDT 2013

On Apr 17, 2013, at 11:43 AM, "Castle, Shane" <scastle at ...14946...> wrote:

> Snortsam is no longer supported as an output module on Snort. Use Barnyard2, which has snortsam support built-in. In fact, the only two output options for Snort any more are the unified2 output and syslog, I understand. BY2 will read the unified2 output and do all the cool things for output that used to be built into snort.
> This change is now so old that it's unlikely that any of the Snort folks will respond.

We never supported it as an add on anyway.  This was always maintained by the community outside of the standard tarball.  I think the approach to have the functionality in barnyard2 is a much smarter way of doing it.

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