[Snort-users] smtp: Attempted command buffer overflow

Phil Daws uxbod at ...14273...
Wed Apr 17 08:38:06 EDT 2013


thank you for the reply but I am at a loss as to what you mean ? I thought the rule was saying that the number of bytes in the HELO/EHLO line was > 512 as defined by : 

max_command_line_len 512 

in the preprocessor section of snort.conf. 

Am I wrong in my understanding ? 


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This probably is because that email server lists.sourceforge.net is not defined as corporate mail server in the email servers in the configuration file therefore this is not an authorized email relay server to connect by smtp. 

You should not allow any outbound SMTP , if this is for a authorized source then you can create an exception to the this alert by source IP 



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have recently installed Snort and am beginning to see a lot of alerts from the SMTP preprocessor for SID 124:1:1. Looking at the payload data it shows: 

0000000: 45 48 4c 4f 20 6c 69 73 74 73 2e 73 6f 75 72 63 65 66 6f 72 67 65 2e 6e 65 74 EHLO.lists.sourceforge.net 
000001A: 0d 0a .. 

this to an untrained eye looks okay so why would it be tripping the test ? 


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