[Snort-users] Updating sid-msg.map

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Tue Apr 16 14:45:03 EDT 2013

The reason they show up as a generic "Snort Alert" is because barnyard did not find an entry for the rule in the sid-msg.map. The way I do it to fix existing rules, I add the entry for the rule manually to the sid-msg.map (following the same format), and for the database entries, run the following sql command against Snort database to select the generic "Snort Alert": SELECT sig_name FROM signature WHERE sig_sid=<generic_rule_sid> This will return the rule, then you can either edit it manually or issue and update command. I follow the same procedure when I create new rules, but since they I added them to the sid-msg.map first, barnyard picks up the entry from there and inserts the correct value into the database.  Also my pulledpork has the path to my local rules file setup to it picks my rules the next time I run pulledpork and adds them to the update sid-msg.map
 Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 14:13:16 -0400
From: tammi888 at ...11827...
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Subject: [Snort-users] Updating sid-msg.map

Hi. I'm having issues when I am creating new local rules 
where rules show up with generic name 'Snort Alert' instead of what is 
in the msg field. Google tells me that barnyard2 is able to translate 
the msg field from  sid-msg.map but I also read that running pulled pork should update that file.

My rules are still the same though after running pulledpork. Do I need to update this manually? How do I fix it? 

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