[Snort-users] Strange happenings with BY2

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Sun Apr 14 02:15:58 EDT 2013

On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 1:33 AM, Tony Robinson
<deusexmachina667 at ...11827...> wrote:
> Here's what I get when I run barnyard2 with -v:
>   ______   -*> Barnyard2 <*-
>  / ,,_  \  Version 2.1.13-BETA (Build 325)

Current Master is at 2-1.13-BETA Build 325 which
was synced with master just a few days ago.

I would suggest that instead of fetching master you could mabey
get the users to choose which version they want to download
by using the tag page https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/tags

wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/tags -q
grep -B1 tag-name tags
    <a href="https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/tree/v2-1.12">
      <span class="tag-name">v2-1.12</span>
    <a href="https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/tree/v2-1.11">
      <span class="tag-name">v2-1.11</span>
    <a href="https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/tree/v2-1.10-beta2">
      <span class="tag-name">v2-1.10-beta2</span>
    <a href="https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/tree/v2-1.10-beta1">
      <span class="tag-name">v2-1.10-beta1</span>
    <a href="https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/tree/v2-1.10">
      <span class="tag-name">v2-1.10</span>
    <a href="https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/tree/v2-1.9">
      <span class="tag-name">v2-1.9</span>

And from there you can directly get version

www.github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/archive/vxxxxx.zip or .tar.gz


> - The way my script installs barnyard 2 is that I configure the
> barnyard2.conf file via sed-foo and tell it where to find the sid and
> gen-msg.map, among other settings.
> - I don't trust my sed-foo that much, so I use the -S and -G options to tell
> barnyard2 where to find the sid and gen-msg.map files via the command line
> as a Safety Net of sorts.
> - In the past, there would be no conflict here; if the conf file said one
> thing and the command line said another, the command line would win and
> barnyard 2 would use the -S and -G arguments via the command line.
> - With the copy of barnyard 2 I pulled via github, here's the errors I got:

If i could suggest something to mabey help out: Wouldn't it be
possitble that instead of using sed to replace information in a
templated configuration file,
that the script would actually generate the configuration file? Or
mabey use clear defined marker thus making sed operation more
efficient/less problematic?


> - The errors are verbose enough for me to understand what happened, I'm just
> curious what prompted the change in how arguments are parsed/accepted with
> BY2.

The main changes comes with 2-1.13-BETA and support for sid-msg.map v2 format.

This can help prevent issue where people would declare two times
sid-msg.map files
one being v1 and the other being v2.

Also there was some possible issue the way processing of the command
line and the configuration
option where done, thus the "new behavior". Since processing of the
file was done at parsing time and not
at configuration merging time (when command line and configuration is

Now processing is done after configuration and command line is merged
and there is no way to know
if command line or configuration file is the good file, thus the
error, in this case mabey the error should't trigger
since the command line and the configuration line are pointing to the
same file (and i fix this before release).

Hope this answered your question.


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