[Snort-users] Strange happenings with BY2

Tony Robinson deusexmachina667 at ...11827...
Sun Apr 14 00:21:10 EDT 2013


I was just testing out some changes to my autosnort script and documenting
the install process and noticed that barnyard2 behaves a little bit

It use to be that you could specify a directive via command line and via
the config file and the command line argument would win. Now it seems that
if you specify an argument in both places, BY2 just refuses to run. It
throws a fatal error stating that the argument cannot be specified in the
config file and on the command line.

I took a look at the readme/changelog available via github, didn't really
find much regarding it. Has anyone else noticed this? Not that it truly
matters anymore; I just removed the offending options from the command line
and am about to commit the changes to the scripts regardless -- merely

when does reality end? when does fantasy begin?
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