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Hi Jeremy, 

How many rules would be require in OSSEC to suppress those entries! ;) The issue is how to make Snort write to a different file than syslog. I do not wish to suppress the Snort info just redirect to a different file so that I can pick the juicy bits out to monitor. Appreciate the input. 


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In OSSEC make a local rule to ignore the file and the process? 

Or setup snort to not output to syslog.. 

and you might try running snort with the '-q' flag and see if it's quieter in the logs. 

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When Snort starts it writes specific information to /var/log/messages eg. 

Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: [ Port Based Pattern Matching Memory ] 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: +- [ Aho-Corasick Summary ] ------------------------------------- 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | Storage Format : Full-Q 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | Finite Automaton : DFA 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | Alphabet Size : 256 Chars 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | Sizeof State : Variable (1,2,4 bytes) 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | Instances : 294 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | 1 byte states : 275 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | 2 byte states : 19 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | 4 byte states : 0 
Apr 4 12:01:40 fw1 snort[2951]: | Characters : 249637 

How can I redirect those messages to a separate file as it plays havoc with OSSEC :) I have tried adding snort.none to rsyslog.conf for /var/log/messages and then added snort.* to direct too another file. That did not work :( 

Any thoughts please ? 

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