[Snort-users] Errors installing SNORT 2.9 to SuSE Linux 12.2 - rpm or tar.gz

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Good ask and hey I agree with your thinking!  Unless you are referring to a folder name with more than one word in it that I created, the path itself should not have any spaces (maybe format of the e-mail accounts for?) unless somehow the system inserted one without my doing, unless a space in folder names counts?  If it seems a concern I can change that.  Your guidance is definitely welcome and appreciated!




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Am I reading this correctly that you have a space in your path where Snort is?


I'm not saying that makes a difference, but I try to eliminate the simplest things first.


Joel Esler
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On Apr 1, 2013, at 9:56 AM, Kurt Jensen CISSP <kjensencissp at ...11827...> wrote:

Hi, I hope everyone had a great weekend and holiday! Any thoughts or ideas on the Snort install and setup (make) related errors I ran into yet I posted back on March 22nd? 


It has been a long time since I ever installed and ran Snort it seemed like it should have worked out using the documentation and tips you offer for SuSE users.  Yet I am sad to say that between two different images of SuSE Linux (one is a 12.2 VM with KDE, and another 12.2 that was upgraded from 11.x as a native install) I was not able to get a successful install and initialization going yet.  I would like to get it running and learn from the experience too.  Might the error information below lead to answers?  Thoughts?  I am new to this online community so my apologies if somehow I missed a reply.




From: Joel Esler [mailto:jesler at ...1935...] 
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Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Errors installing SNORT 2.9 to SuSE Linux 12.2 - rpm or tar.gz


Can you copy and paste the commands you are typing and the errors you are getting?


Joel Esler

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On Mar 22, 2013, at 5:35 PM, "Kurt Jensen CISSP" < <mailto:kjensencissp at ...979...11827...> kjensencissp at ...11827...> wrote:

Hello Group,


I have been attempting to install the latest rpm OR .tar.gz of SNORT to my fairly plain test instance of SuSE 12.2 I use for student work and testing of what I know, other tools etc.  The system is an i386 32bit Toshiba laptop booting directly into SuSE 12.2, and the trouble is with Snort installation.


Here is what is happening that I could definitely use help with:


While in the case of the .tar.gz version the “configure phase” worked fine once I had all the pre-install required dependency connected libraries and packages, and finished as far as I can tell w/o errors.  Yet when I try to run make it refers to a number of directories it enters and exits with an error saying for example “there is nothing to do for all” and then “make[5] there is no rule to build” etc.  I have been researching this a lot and come up with no direct answers.  My GUESS is it is looking for a rule package but I have not been able to find a free one yet to download if that is the problem. I am a student on this and do not wish to buy any rules, I can just use the most basic ones out there as I get started and was surprised to find it seems none are included to start out with and finish an install?


“rpm” method:  When I downloaded and tried installing the rpm version instead using SuSE YaST software manager/install tool (GUI) the process begins but always errors out saying it failed/cannot complete with the error “nothing provides libcrypto.so.10” but my SUSE install has SSH and several GNU and/or other crypto libraries I just added (with source/development libraries) yet none of these work?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated and what am I missing?


Lars Jensen

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