[Snort-users] Changing name and file size limit of ALERT output file

Abhishek Sharma abhisheksharma84 at ...11827...
Thu Sep 27 08:59:28 EDT 2012

Hello All,

Apologies if the question is too trivial. I am running snort, lets say on a
given pcap file using the following command line argument -

snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf -A fast -l /tmp/ -r ABCDE.pcap

Everything runs fine and I get an alert file in the /tmp directory. My
question is, that is there a way to -

1). Change the name of the file being created. Say if I want the file name
to be alert_myname?
2). Is there a way to create multiple alert files based on a given size?
Say can I restrict it to 100KB? so after every 100KB I get a new alert file
(without deleting/overwriting the existing)?

Or is the only way out is by playing around with code?

Any help is much appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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