[Snort-users] [Snort-devel] Barnyard2 - v2-1.10 is released

Michael Steele michaels at ...9077...
Wed Sep 26 10:29:59 EDT 2012

BASE is not currently being developed, but has worked for a very long time
with no modifications (or very little). I'm not sure what it will take to
make BASE compliant with the new proposed database schemas that the
Barnyard2 team has announced, but any changes to the database schemas will
make BASE obsolete.

Right now BASE accepts  data from several databases. However, when
Sourcefire abandoned the output database hook in Snort, Snort users were
totally reliant on Banyard2 for database support, which went from several
database options, to 2 database options.

There was 20 months between stable releases of Barnyard2, so I'm pretty sure
it's going to be awhile before it's implemented. I think releasing this
information at this time is causing a lot of confusion.

Hopefully the Barnyard2 team will show a little compassion for the users of
BASE and update BASE to be compliant with their new database schema. BASE is
the only console out there (that I know of) that is cross platform
Kindest regards,

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Does anyone know if this new database schema is compatible with BASE 1.45?

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The next release of barnyard2 will come with new database output that only
support the new schema, native IPv6 support and FULL unified2 support for
all output plugin.

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