[Snort-users] RedBorder IDS / A bit disappointed... (maybe someone can help & clarify?)

Giles Coochey giles at ...9346...
Wed Sep 26 07:02:16 EDT 2012

On 25/09/2012 17:25, Turnbough, Bradley E. wrote:
> Management Station:
> Virtual Machine
> Booted to the ISO and started the install. Followed the prompts as 
> necessary.
> System installs and boots just fine.
Well you got further than me, I tried it with Virtualbox, system 
installs, but after first boot it hangs - looks like the bootloader 
fails to properly install...

I tried emailing them, but they invited me to join the Google group, 
which I have - but unfortunately the group doesn't allow me to post...

I've hung it up for something to come back to at a later date - think 
it's in its early days of development - did look interesting though.


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