[Snort-users] RedBorder IDS / A bit disappointed... (maybe someone can help & clarify?)

Turnbough, Bradley E. bturnbough at ...15650...
Tue Sep 25 12:25:40 EDT 2012

Management Station:

Virtual Machine

Booted to the ISO and started the install.  Followed the prompts as necessary.
System installs and boots just fine.
Log into the system and execute rb_sysconf
Select option 1 (network configuration)
Select option 2 (management IP address) / set address to an appropriate address and also the mask.
Select option 4 (Default Gateway) and set the DG to the appropriate value.
Select option 5 (Primary DNS) and enter in appropriate IP of a DNS server.
Hit "A" to apply.
Quit back to Main Menu.
Select Option 2 "System configuration"
Select Option 1 "Hostname"
Set the hostname and hit "A" to apply.
Quit out of rb_sysconf
Reboot machine.

I can ping the machine, and ssh into it, but I cannot get to the web admin interface via either http://{ipaddress}<http://%7bipaddress%7d> or https://{ipaddress}

I then performed `service iptables off` and then rebooted.  Still no change.

I then verified that I cannot even `telnet localhost 443` or `telnet localhost 80` from the machine itself.

The manual is dodgy, at best...I'm hoping the community will help here....
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