[Snort-users] Metasploit exploits on Snort

Pratik Narang pratik.cse.bits at ...11827...
Tue Sep 18 07:05:29 EDT 2012

I was trying to test my Snort install and the latest rules using some
Metasploit exploits. And so I started with the easily doable exploits of
Metasploit. But when I searched for the corresponding rules in the
ruleset-by mapping the CVEs- I was surprised to not find the corresponding
rules for the following exploits and CVEs:

distcc_exec CVE-2004-2687
tikiwiki_graph_formula_exec CVE-2007-5423
tomcat_mgr_login  CVE-2009-4188

Any help and explanations?
Is there a better way to launch live exploits and test Snort?? :)
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