[Snort-users] Query on webroot

Balasubramaniam Natarajan bala150985 at ...11827...
Thu Sep 13 09:11:39 EDT 2012

Hi Snort Users,

I have the following query about webroot.

Would webroot effectiveness to detecting directory traversal be affected if
the webroot or the documentroot of the webserver lies elsewhere apart from
/var/www/ ?


webroot [image: $<$]yes[image: $\vert$]no[image: $>$]

This option generates an alert when a directory traversal traverses past
the web server root directory. This generates much fewer false positives
than the directory option, because it doesn't alert on directory traversals
that stay within the web server directory structure. It only alerts when
the directory traversals go past the web server root directory, which is
associated with certain web attacks.
Balasubramaniam Natarajan
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