[Snort-users] BASE Error: base_qry_alert.php:535: db->DB->MetaColumnNames('data') is NOT an array. Ignoring.

Michael Steele michaels at ...9077...
Sat Sep 8 23:49:10 EDT 2012


This only pertains to those using PostgreSQL and BASE:

Using BASE with the any version of ADODB above 515 causes the error below
(that's just part of the error):

db->DB->MetaColumnNames('data') is NOT an array. Ignoring.

Base appears to work fine until the user selects an event payload to view,
and that's where the problem is located.

The solution is to roll back ADODB to version 515. This clears the error and
everything starts works fine again. If there is a message after viewing the
payload stating 'Alert Deleted' at the top, then all the events will need to
be purged in order for BASE to start working properly.

I've sent a bug report to the ADODB developer, but BASE may be stuck on
ADODB 515 for the duration? 

I also rolled back PostgreSQL to version 8.x with the same results.

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