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Hello all

On 04/09/2012 19:06, Livio Ricciulli wrote:
> o Do you have rules with long lists of IPs like
> [ip1,ip2,ip3,ip4...] etc? These types of rules are horribly slow
> because snort matches them linearly. If so, try disabling them and
> see if things improve (if so, let me know we a plugin for that).
> You can also configure snort with --enable-perfprofiling to see  if
> there are bad rules that are taking too much time.

I've compiled with --enable-sourcefire so I will try PPM and see if I
have some really bad rules - they are mostly standard VRT and ET rules
though and not things with big blacklists (dshield/ciarmy/rbn/spamhaus

> o Does top show the processes are mostly mostly pegged in the
> 80%-100% kind of evenly?

Yes - I have 32 threads/cores so top doesn't actually allow '1'
because it just says my terminal is not long enough.

> o Could it be contention caused by barnyard? Can you try without
> and see if that helps?

I'll try this but Barnyard seems incredibly light - all it does after
all is pick up the unified2 files that Snort is placing in each directory.

> o A big buffer can always help. When you load the pf_ring kernel
> module give it at least 65k and place your interfaces in
> transparent mode 1 as in: transparent_mode=1 min_num_slots=65536
> (or even more than 65k if your kernel can handle it). You might
> need to also increase the kernel memory with vmalloc=256M as a boot
> parameter.

I'll try increasing from 16384. It's never been that clear to me how
the rings/buffers relate to available RAM. I do have quite a bit of
RAM to play with.

> o On some of our processors we got very good performance
> improvements by compiling snort with "-march=native
> -fomit-frame-pointer -O3"

Okay - I can try this.

> o What does cat /proc/interrupts show? Do you map the eth* IRQs to
>  different CPUs or does CPU 0 do all the interrupts?

The Intel ixgbe(10Gb) driver comes with a script called
set_irq_affinity which I use to set the card IRQs to the CPUs - in
/proc/interrupts it looks like a descending staircase pattern.

The most recent PF_RING DAQ has a parameter to specifically bind
Snort/DAQ instances to CPU ids so I'm using that in a similar loop to
the one used to start Snort on the Metaflows site.

> o Then there is the snort.conf.. I will let other people chime on
> that..

I'd be interested to hear anyone's suggestions for snort.conf tuning -
the settings I've got at the moment are either stock/VRT with
some settings increased as per that supplied with redborder
(redborder.net IDS/IPS).

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