[Snort-users] Problem Compiling Snort!

Arshan Awais arshanawais at ...131...
Mon Sep 3 09:33:12 EDT 2012

Hi there....
I am having trouble compiling snort. When i compile snort, i get an error 

"Checking for daq_load_modules in -ldaq_static..... no 

ERROR! daq_static_library not found, go and get it from .... "

This trouble seems to be same as:


but the errors in config.log file are different..

The error in the config.log file says:

/usr/lib/daq_static_modules.a(libdaq_static_modules_la-daq_ipfw.o) in function 'ipfw_daq_acquire'
(.text+0x6db): undefined reference to '__fdelt_chk'
/usr/lib/daq_static_modules.a(libdaq_static_modules_la-daq_ipfw.o) in function 'ipfw_daq_acquire'
(.text+0x737): undefined reference to '__fdelt_chk'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I have followed the same steps as mentioned in the installation guide for Debian 6.0.5 (http://www.snort.org/assets/167/deb_snort_howto.pdf).  Kindly help me in sorting this out..
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