[Snort-users] Error plugin snort performance on munin project

Dang Le Nam lenam.cntp at ...11827...
Sat Sep 1 06:07:40 EDT 2012

Dear snort-users, 

I want to performance snort with snort plugin in munin project. I use follow link 


But  snort performance can’t appear.

I want to see snort performance on munin same as this link: 



P/S:  I test success munin on my pc. And this is my configure on snort plugin on munin. I think it is right. But result … 


Step 1: 

I copy snort_traffic (downloaded on above link)  on /usr/share/munin/plugins

Step 2: 

I make symlink   ln –s /etc/munin/plugins /usr/share/munin/plugins

Step 3: 

I run with this command :

munin-run snort_traffic 



 traffic.value 0.007


munin-run snort_traffic config


graph_title Snort Traffic

graph_args --base 1000 -l 0

graph_vlabel Mbits / second

graph_scale no

traffic.label Mbits/second

graph_category Snort


I restarted munin and snort. But snort category on munin  do not appear






Đặng Lê Nam


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