[Snort-users] Advice about Snort web interface (GUI)

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I'm using BASE 1.4.5.  It is adequate, but something newer and still supported would make me feel better.  I'm kind of a linux n00b and getting everything running just the way I like (snort, barnyard2, mysql, BASE, pulledpork) was kind of a painful process.  How hard is it to change my setup from BASE to something like Snorby?  My system is running on CentOS 6.3 64bit.



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Hello guys,

I read few chapter about GUI for Snort at internet, and even install BASE web GUI on server. But, seems BASE GUI project is dead, and i wish to try another, supported GUI.

I  read about:


Am i write about, currently snow has 2 main GUI interfaces: SQueRT and Snorby?

What interface are you use?

Thank you for advice!

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