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As far as false positives go, I think you have the following options (if the traffic/event is legitimate and cannot be shutdown):

1.     Disable the rule entirely (you will lose all detection/prevention for this rule though!)

2.     Write a suppression rule in threshold.conf (a more targeted approach).

3.     Take the original rule, add some unique content match to it, and make it a pass rule in your local.rules (where you can identity something unique about the false positive and don't have the ability to do #2 above without losing some detection/prevention capability.)

That's what I do in these cases.  Anyone else have additional ways of copying with false positives?

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Can anyone explain when this rule is triggered and how any false positives can be mitigated? I see that this is the rule definition. Can someone please interpret this?

That rule indicates a Portable Executable file transfer has taken place over SMB shares.

I'd get started with the docs at www.snort.org/docs<http://www.snort.org/docs> for information.

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