[Snort-users] quick question about snort.conf

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Tue Oct 23 17:59:42 EDT 2012

i noticed today that the snort.conf from:


still includes the "include" rules.

from what i have been told, for IDS in my case, I need to # out the
include statements, and only use the snort.rules likes this:

include $RULE_PATH/snort.rules

so to wrap up: when i use the snort.rules listed above snort works. if i
do NOT include the path above it will not. 0 bytes snort.log is my

i am curious as to why the downloadable snort.conf is still including
the paths below, not #'d out, and still available?? 

shouldn't they be removed since snort.rules is the supported way

just wondering, i appreciate your comments.

wrong way:

# site specific rules
include $RULE_PATH/local.rules

include $RULE_PATH/app-detect.rules
include $RULE_PATH/attack-responses.rules

right way:

# site specific rules 
#include $RULE_PATH/local.rules
include $RULE_PATH/snort.rules

#include $RULE_PATH/app-detect.rules
#include $RULE_PATH/attack-responses.rules


PS. base1.4.5, barnyard2, pulledpork, snort work fine :)


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